Value & Investment


Lovemore Heights Estate delivers a consistent return for its property owners. With a healthy percentage of the property owned by residents, the Homeowners Association is in an excellent position to understand the investment requirements. The estate also understands the concept of protecting homeowner value and strives to execute this ethos.

Building in Lovemore Heights Estate is guided by a Design Manual. The primary concept behind these guidelines is to allow the individual homeowners to express their personal needs and preferences freely, guided only by the use of materials and the restriction of stylized elements. This results in an estate that more closely resembles a neighbourhood and enables homeowners to update their homes over time, keeping the designs current. Achieving this objective ensures long term property values for homeowners

Our Homeowners Association makes every effort to ensure that the levy structure is maintained within the yearly CPI increases. The Association also ensures our balance sheet remains liquid and attempts to ensure that there will be no need to impose special levies.

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